3X Stronger, Ultra-Flexible & Hits The Mark

We are thrilled to introduce WovoGlass®

The latest addition to our WovoLiner® suite of products, manufactured by Applied Felts. WovoGlass withstands extreme wear. Not too short, not too long, this one liner can do it all WITH 3X THE STRENGTH

No question, another GAME CHANGER!

The Difference: Seamless, circular-knitted construction, combines polyester yarns with extensible fiberglass reinforcement to deliver superior physical properties when you need it most. 3x stronger than most CIPP liners with the ability to negotiate multiple bends up to 90 degrees & transition several pipe sizes including 4- to 6-inch!

  • Transition several pipe diameters with one liner
  • Deliver 3X the strength- greatly reducing typical ASTM-1216 design thicknesses
  • Easily wets-out, inverts and transitions with very low pressure – no need for “step inflation” to exercise the liner
  • Cure by ambient, heat or LED light
  • Navigate 90 degree bends, no folds or wrinkles
  • Use for point repairs & sectional liners
  • Superior consistency to dramatically minimize stretch & drawback
  • Ultra-flexible, extensible liner uniquely bonded to a seamless impermeable PU coating just like MaxLiner’s® WovoLiner® and WovoX® products

The Perfect Liner Choice for In-building Commercial Applications

WovoGlass helps installers looking to add in-building commercial lining to their repertoire with a product capable of lining around multiple bends easily, with very impressive finished and physical qualities. The addition of WovoGlass to MaxLiner’s WovoLiner System ensures difficult applications are transformed into simple installations.

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