The MaxLiner System is specifically designed to be lightweight and portable so that everything you need can be easily transported, taking you from one job to the next with efficiency and ease. Small enough to fit into your existing service vehicles, the MaxLiner System needs just two or three workers to get the job done. The highly portable MaxLinerGun’s lightweight design also allows you to quickly and easily use it for traditional in-ground laterals, and for vertical applications on rooftops, in basements, swimming pools, skyscrapers and more. The possibilities to grow your business with MaxLiner are endless!

Contact us today for pricing and product specifications and descriptions for the entire suite of MaxLiner equipment, accessories and spare parts:

  • MaxLinerGun
  • MaxTrailer
  • MaxHotKick
  • MaxCutter (Mini and Midi)
  • MaxCutter60
  • MaxCannon400
  • MaxCalibrationRollers (electric and manual)
  • MaxCalRoller300E
  • MaxControlBox
  • MaxVacPump
  • Accessories
  • Spare Parts


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