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MaxLiner®, the industry’s most comprehensive solution for rehabilitating lateral and vertical pipelines using the Cured-in-Place (CIPP) process, provides installers with the hardest-working pipe lining equipment for sale in the industry. Specially designed for portability and accessibility, the Max LinerGun® is lightweight and compact so everything you need can be quickly and easily transported, taking you from one job to the next with efficiency and ease.

Small enough to fit into your existing service vehicles, the MaxLiner System needs only two workers to get the job done right. The highly portable Max LinerGun’s design makes it a perfect fit for the rehabilitation of traditional in-ground laterals, as well as for hard-to-reach vertical applications on rooftops, in basements, swimming pools, skyscrapers and more. Shown here is a sampling of our pipe relining equipment for sale. For a complete list of our pipe relining equipment and pipe lining materials, please visit our eCommerce site.

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Max LinerGun

The aluminum Max LinerGun is a compact inversion unit for lining 2″-12″ diameter pipes.  Ideal for residential & industrial drains in horizontal or vertical applications.  Methods include open-end for blindshots to the main and closed-end for pit to pit.  The LinerGun rests on an adjustable stand and comes with 4″, 6″ and 8″ Adapter Rings.

Max LinerDrum

 Our new aluminum inversion drums are designed to be compact, lightweight, easy to transport and hold the most liner capacity in their class – suitable for air, water, UV, and steam installations.  The unique 700 model was designed with our customers’ input from the field:

  • Width of only 23.2” – easily pass through the narrowest doorways
  • Detachable wheelbase and extendable carrying handles – carry it up & down stairs with ease
  • Combined height is 44.9” high (37.8” detached) 130lbs (110lbs detached), capable of holding 135’ of 4” liner – ideal for in-building use 

When more capacity is needed, choose the 900 model, holding 250’ of 4” which is also compact for its class: 32.3” wide, 47.2” long, 50.4” high and weighs 176lbs.


Max E-Roller

A compact electric calibration roller that can be mounted to a table or easily transported closer to the worksite by unlocking from the detachable baseplate.  Ideal for a small crew wetting out longer liners with a diameter range up to 12”.  This 48lb, 110v powered unit operates with a foot peddle, allowing for a hands-free operation. Additional innovations include: 

  • Built-in gap setting display
  • Adjustable speed
  • Directional switch
  • Pressure limit safety
  • Emergency stop

Say good-bye to bulky roller tables & stationary units, and MAXimize your efficiencies with our electric Calibration Roller . 


Max CalibrationRoller

The Max CalibrationRoller is a portable manual unit used to evenly distribute the mixed resin through the liner. The roller comes with the necessary shims (5mm-11mm) to set the appropriate gap setting per liner thickness for proper wet-out.

Max HotKick 2.0

Max HotKick 2.0 – Mobile Hot Water Curing System with built-in recirculating pump. The unit is a propane fueled system, and comes with a 3″ – 8″ curing manifold with pressure relief Kunkle valve, two 25′ red and black recirculation hoses, pressure gauge, temperature gauges, band clamps and pull strap.

Max Inferno

The Max Inferno Hot Air Curing System is a very compact, electric powered, dry air portable heating unit. The self-contained unit is digitally temperature controlled which allows you to set the heat and regulate air pressure for use in 3″-6″ diameter pipes. Ideal for vertical applications, drop sewers and where hot water curing is not applicable. The complete system includes curing manifolds, 50′ of 30amp extension cord and power plug adapters in a rugged case for secure transportation.


SpeedyLight+ UV Cure

SpeedyLight+ UV Cure is a revolutionary LED technology that allows contractors to optimize their operations by increasing efficiency at the job site up to six times. SpeedyLight+ was developed to cure felt, felt / glass hybrid and fiberglass liners by either inverting or pull-in-place.

  • Several interchangeable LightHeads for faster curing speeds or navigating multiple bends up to 90 degrees in smaller diameters
  • Two monitors and wireless mobile connectivity to view the cure
  • Single-component resin that is Styrene and Amine free
  • Pre wet-out liners in your shop up to several weeks ahead. Increase your efficiencies and profitability

Max SteamKick

Max SteamKick is a simple to use steam unit complete with two 50′ steam hoses, steam diffuser, air to steam mixing station, 3″-8″ curing manifold, two 25′ red 3/4″ hoses w/ Cam Lock fittings, band clamps and pull strap.

Max Cutter

The pneumatically-operated Max MicroCutter clears bends up to 90° with cutting precision made possible by a part-turn gearbox.

Max VacPump

The Max VacPump is an oilless electric pump that is equipped with an adjustable vacuum level regulator and suction hose to properly vacuum-impregnate the liner.

Max Scale

The digital Max Scale allows for accurately weighing the correct amount of resin and hardener following the calculation and procedure guidelines.

New to sewer lining, pressure pipe and potable water lining? Not sure which trenchless technology equipment will work for your particular business?

Maxliner USA knows you have choices when choosing sewer lining equipment. That’s why we are committed to not only providing hard-working yet portable sewer pipe lining equipment for sale, that tackles the toughest installations, we also offer the best technical training and support in the sewer pipe lining industry.

However, Maxliner USA’s technical expertise begins before you purchase equipment. We take the time to learn and understand your business goals, your skills, the current resources you currently leverage and have available to you and the characteristics of the region you service. Is it a city with dense population and commercial buildings requiring equipment that fits in tight spaces? Do you mostly encounter pipes requiring liners that can accommodate multiple bends, up to 90 degrees? Or do you service more rural areas, demanding longer liners with large diameters? We also take into consideration the climate of the region you serve – which could dictate the type of curing that you and your team would most often implement and the need for equipment that fits in protected area to stay out of the harsh winter weather.

After we outfit new customers with the trenchless sewer equipment that best fits their needs, we help our sewer pipe lining companies by providing training not only in the classroom, but also on the jobsite – tailored to their needs, resources and area of the country.

Taking it a step further, we’ve developed a 24/7 virtual support in the field with the Maxliner Mobile App. It provides Geolocate capabilities for projects, installation log and estimated cure times for sewer pipe relining, storage of job data, install checklist and resin calculator, technical documents for easy, in field reference and more.

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