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In the late 90’s as the CIPP market was beginning to gain traction in underground infrastructure repair, United Felts (formally Applied Felts, Inc.) and RS Technik – global leaders in Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) technology for decades, recognized the need for a versatile, compact, and affordable way to address the growing demand for a small diameter laterals and vertical pipelining solutions in North America. To meet this new rehabilitation niche, MaxLiner® USA was created and founded in 1999.

Since that time, MaxLiner has provided proven, cost-effective and reliable alternatives to restore sanitary sewer laterals, storm drains and vertical pipes while drastically minimizing service disruptions and costs. The MaxLiner System is the most comprehensive CIPP solution available, providing all of the necessary equipment, materials, supplemental products, accessories and hands-on training you need to succeed in the CIPP lateral market.

Partnering with global leaders like United Felts, another one of our Rawson family of companies, MaxLiner provides input from the field – working with people like you, to help design custom solutions based on real-life applications. Our practical experience—coupled with United Felts’ 50-plus years of research and development, engineering and testing—results in the manufacture of the highest quality liners and calibration tubes available in the CIPP trenchless market today.

MaxLiner USA and United Felts, the world’s largest manufacturer of quality CIPP liners, are under the same roof in Martinsville, Virginia. This means immediate access to provide you with the world’s finest lining materials available.


Looking to Expand? Considering CIPP Installation? Maxliner USA is Your Training and Support Partner

Whether looking to expand your plumbing business, or you are a contractor who embraces innovation and would like to learn more about no-dig solutions to better serve your customers, MaxLiner USA offers CIPP lining contractors the most comprehensive training and support. In fact, our commitment to training contractors for CIPP installation is what sets us apart.

Contractors that partner with Maxliner USA’s are experiencing rapid growth. 

Case in Point: Clear Flow Drains, Boston, MA

Jim Mor started Clear Flow Drains, a residential and commercial plumbing business in 2004. In 2005 Boston Water & Sewer was looking for a solution to replace very old laterals without having to continually dig up roads and yards. Clear Flow and Maxliner USA executed three CIPP pilot installations. The City of Boston tested them and approved CIPP as an acceptable pipe rehabilitation method. In the first few years, Clear Flow completed 6-12 projects a year, then, in 2010, the City got serious about cleaning up the Boston Harbor and The Charles River, known as “Dirty Water”. The storm drain that leads to the Harbor and 100-year old sanitary sewer line run parallel. At points where the 100-year old sewer lateral runs over the storm drain, with cement breaking away, there is a great amount of I/I, and lining is saving the day. So, while you still probably don’t want to swim in the river, it is now much cleaner. Clear Flow is now averaging 4-10 CIPPproject installations a month.

“The support we received at the start and still do from MaxLiner USA is a huge part of our success, including keeping all our paperwork up to date, required by the City of Boston. Their system and continual innovations in liners allows us to overcome any hurdle we face with old pipes and cold weather,” said Jim Mor. Clear Flow


A: Training begins upon delivery of your MaxLiner System.  We schedule 1 to 3 days to meet at your facility to thoroughly train your team on the fundamentals & proper installation guidelines, practice setting up & using the equipment and install & process a liner(s).  We will ensure that more time is given until you are proficient and confident in the use of the MaxLiner system. We can also be in attendance on the jobsite to support and guide your team, as needed.  Ideally we prefer to spend the first day of training at your facility and use the next two days for live jobsites.

A: MaxLiner’s Distribution Plant in Martinsville, Virginia carries a vast amount of inventory for our Customers.  If the item you are requiring is in stock, it can be at your facility overnight or in approximately 7 days for standard shipping. If by chance these items are not in stock, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.  We strive to ship out your order the same day it is received.

A: No. There are no expensive hidden costs or exclusive territories. So you can start offering this revolutionary system to your customers now!

A: You can start right now by visiting our Resources page and our MaxLiner Mobile App to learn more about our quality materials.  In the field or off, MaxLiner provides you with all of the personal attention and resources you need to make sure you have everything to get the job done right

A: Yes. MaxLiner offers several liners to negotiate multiple bends up to 90°.  WovoLiner® is a soft, woven, extremely flexible liner that was specifically designed with this scenario in mind. The WovoLiner will effectively negotiate bends with minimal binding or wrinkling, and will also be effective for diameter transitions.  Other options are our SuperFlex® and Flex 4D®.

A: Yes. MaxLiner carries a variety of liners which have substantial expansion capabilities to perform well in diameter transition scenarios.  Whether you’re looking for a flexible liner to radially expand or a sewn transition liner to precisely hit your mark, we have the solution for you.

A: There is no exact answer to this question, as there are many different variables involved (i.e. ground temperature, quantity of resin, type of resin, etc.). We can, however, tell you that the timeframe for unassisted curing ranges from 3 to 12 hours.

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