Comprehensive CIPP Solutions

MaxLiner® is the most comprehensive CIPP solution for relining vertical and lateral pipelines, using the best materials and equipment available. With the MaxLiner System you can deliver results that are more effective than the traditional dig-and-replace method of repairing broken, cracked and leaking pipes without the disruption of digging up yards, sidewalks or damaging interior walls.

Made by the world’s leading manufacturers, our quality felt liners curve, stretch and accommodate up to 90% bends, and our high-performance resins are economical and ecologically-friendly.

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Maxliner’s complete, custom CIPP solutions, with 4-6” transitions for any liner length or complexity, incorporate compact equipment that is perfect for laterals, verticals and hard-to-reach pipes.

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The best CIPP materials and equipment are just the beginning. Our customers stay with us because our stellar customer service ensures successful installations and support – every time.

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The MaxLiner System

The MaxLiner System is small enough to fit into your existing service vehicles and needs just two or three workers to get the job done. The highly portable system allows you to install more than one job per day, and its’ lightweight design allows you to quickly and easily use it for not only traditional in-ground laterals but in vertical applications on rooftops, in basements, swimming pools, skyscrapers, and more.

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Why Choose Us?

For more than 20 years the MaxLiner system has been tested, proven and perfected to stringent standards in residential and commercial applications.
We use only the best equipment and materials, manufactured by global leaders in CIPP solutions, for installations that stand the test of time.
We are only as successful as our customers’ installations, so count on us day or night, in the field or on the phone to ensure your CIPP projects run smoothly.
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