WovoX: The Next Generation addition to the WovoLiner® suite of products. No question, a GAME CHANGER!

  • Ability to transition liners to multiple sizes
  • Multiple bends up to 90 degrees
  • Increased consistency for calculating stretch & drawback

Yes, you read that right – more control.

Not too short, not too long. Up to 2 existing pipe diameter changes with one liner, 90-degree turns, no wrinkles, no folds, without sacrificing finished thickness.

The Wovo System helps installers looking to add in-building lining to their repertoire with a product capable of lining around multiple bends easily and with spectacular finished qualities. With the addition of WovoX to the MaxLiner WovoLiner System, difficult installations are transformed into simple installations.

MaxLiner WovoX: Elevating CIPP Liners for Superior Solutions

Step into a world of innovation and excellence with MaxLiner, a leading CIPP contractor that stands at the forefront of cutting-edge CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) technology. With a profound dedication to advancement, MaxLiner redefines possibilities through state-of-the-art capabilities in CIPP lateral liners, including their revolutionary product, WovoX, the next generation liner addition to the WovoLiner suite of products. 

We invite you to explore MaxLiner’s exceptional offerings manufactured by Applied Felt’s engineers and technicians. These advanced CIPP lateral liners, including the groundbreaking WovoX, seamlessly bridge the gap between traditional methods and futuristic solutions, providing a seamless transition that adapts effortlessly to various pipe sizes. MaxLiner’s commitment to excellence extends to even the most intricate of challenges, enabling these liners to conquer bends of up to 90 degrees with unparalleled ease.

Join us in discovering the extraordinary world of CIPP lateral liners, where MaxLiner’s expertise and groundbreaking features, exemplified by WovoX, set new standards for excellence.

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