Cost-Effective Trenchless Lateral Rehabilitation

Trench-less CIPP Lateral Liners

As North America’s underground infrastructure ages and deteriorates, system owners look to ways they can get the most bang for their buck when it comes to repairs. Many times, that will lead them to trenchless lateral rehabilitation.

Looking at the rehabilitation options, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) is by far the leading trenchless pipelining option with respect to improving mainline sewers, rehabilitating the associated manhole structures and repairing laterals, in order to considerably reduce inflow and infiltration (I/I).

However, it’s only been in the last 20 years research has been conducted indicating a significant portion of I/I issues can be traced to damaged lateral connections, the facts are nearly irrefutable. If you are going to eliminate or significantly reduce I/I, you have to address the repair of leaking laterals.

Interestingly, the lateral market, even with the effects of the pandemic and the constraints it has put on our nation, has been surprisingly steady. The stay-at-home market has resulted in facilitating more work than usual since home plumbing facilities are now used more than ever and perhaps that increase in usage has exposed the homeowner’s lateral deficiencies and need for repair more than ever. Most problems with your plumbing can probably go unnoticed or ignored when you aren’t home all the time. So, those issues and the associated functions, odors and leaks that people may have not noticed in the past are brought to the forefront.

MaxLiner USA attributes the lateral market steadiness and uptick to the trend of trenchless pipe repair or replacement quickly becoming the preferred method of remediation due to its cost-effectiveness and the fact that trenchless repair does not require digging up a yard, potentially killing trees and other landscaping. In addition, there is a decreased likelihood of damage to other underground infrastructure like water, cable/broadband and electricity.

The icing on the cake? Some insurance companies and even municipalities are now offering a way to buy insurance on home utilities so homeowners can become more proactive in the process and thus lateral repair. Yet another reason for the growth in trenchless lateral repair.

There is no better time than now to expand your business to include trenchless lateral rehabilitation. Contact MaxLiner USA to learn how we can help you set your business up for success in lateral CIPP.