CIPP Lining Saves Church Over 300K

Maxliner’s customer, Royal Flush Plumbing recently completed a  CIPP lining job for St. Prius Church in Providence, Rhode Island. The  church’s pipes had severely deteriorated. They were hidden behind marble and granite, and encased in concrete. Marc Watson, owner, Royal Flush said “It was a risky project. We didn’t know what we were going to find behind the walls.”

They were able to access the pipes from the roof. They cleaned the pipes out with their Picote Maxi Miller, and used Picote Premium Original and Premium Cyclone Chains to prepare/descale the cast iron pipe. Once cleaned and prepared, Royal Flush used their Max LinerDrum™ to shoot the CIPP liners. Watson also commented that the Max LinerDrum “was ideal to get up on the roof, due to the detachable wheel base, extendable carrying handles, compact size and weight. And, Maxliner’s  WovoLiner™ made it possible for us to easily line the pipes, due to its flexibility. The pipes had multiple 90° bends.” Royal Flush lined 500 ft of 4-inch diameter pipes with Max WovoLiner and MaxPox Resin. WovoLiner is a non-woven, circular looped PE, uniquely bonded to a seamless, impermeable PU coating.

The church had received a quote from a plumber to fix the pipes by cutting through the marble, granite and concrete. With the ability to access the pipes from the roof, there was no disruption to the interior of the church and they saved the church over $300,000.

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