Insuring Customers' Lateral Lines Insuring Customers' Lateral Lines

Utah district takes control of lateral lines for the benefit of its collections system and customers.

On the eastern edge of Salt Lake Valley, the Sandy (Utah) Suburban Improvement District sits among similar sewer entities at the base of the Wasatch Mountains. It’s a mature district and percolates along day by day without dramatic changes in the offing.

The absence of drama is deceiving, however, because the district’s transformation has already occurred. It happened six years ago when Sandy Suburban’s elected board instituted a universal insurance program for residential lateral pipelines.

Lateral insurance may not seem transformational. After all, sewer lines, suburbia and insurance are all pretty mundane subjects. Nevertheless, something truly significant happened in Sandy in 2014.


CIPP Lining Saves Church Over 300K

Maxliner’s customer, Royal Flush Plumbing recently completed a CIPP lining job for St. Prius Church in Providence, Rhode Island. The church’s pipes had severely deteriorated. They were hidden behind marble and granite, and encased in concrete. Marc Watson, owner, Royal Flush said “It was a risky project. We didn’t know what we were going to find behind the walls.”

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