How to Choose the Best Trenchless Pipe Lining System for Your Needs

To understand the best CIPP lining system for your needs, first decide whether it is the best fit for you as a contractor? What do you currently offer as a solutions provider for your clients? Do you have past experience in CIPP working for another company, or subcontracting with another company? If not, is this […]

Cost-Effective Trenchless Lateral Rehabilitation

Trench-less CIPP Lateral Liners

As North America’s underground infrastructure ages and deteriorates, system owners look to ways they can get the most bang for their buck when it comes to repairs. Many times, that will lead them to trenchless lateral rehabilitation. Looking at the rehabilitation options, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) is by far the leading trenchless pipelining option with respect […]

CIPP Lateral Rehabilitation – A Game Changer

  Since its inception, the price of CIPP rehabilitation has come down while the level of technology has risen. Shrinking budgets and the declining condition of underground infrastructure have forced municipal utilities to improve their infrastructure as cost-effectively as possible. In addition, home and business owners are always looking to fix their problems with as […]