Maxliner USA and Clear Flow help lead the way for CIPP relining in Boston

Jim Mor started his contracting company Clear Flow Drains in 2004, concentrating on residential and commercial plumbing. In 2005, Boston Water & Sewer was looking for a solution to replace very old laterals without having to continually dig up roads and yards.

Clear Flow and Maxliner USA provided three cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) pilot programs, the City of Boston tested them and legalized CIPP. The first few years, Clear Flow completed six to 12 projects a year, then, in 2010, the City got serious about cleaning up the Harbor and The Charles River, known as “Dirty Water.” The storm drain that leads to the harbor and 100-year old sewer line run parallel. At points where the 100-year old sewer lateral runs over the storm drain, with cement breaking away, there is a great amount of inflow and infiltration (I/I), and lining is saving the day. So, while you still probably don’t want to swim in the river, it is now much cleaner. Clear Flow is now averaging four to 10 projects a month .