MaxLiner materials are specially developed for optimal results in a variety of applications and pipe configurations, making them the key to successful installations.Made by the world’s leading manufacturers, years of testing have gone into engineering various combinations of materials for specific jobs, circumstances and applications.

Download our inversion table to select the most appropriate materials for your unique installation, or contact us today and let us help guide you in which of the following materials will provide the most consistent, reliable and long-lasting results, every time.

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Liners: Our quality felt liners curve, stretch and accommodate up to 90% bends:

    • Max LinerTube Reinforced
    • Max FlexLiner
    • Max SuperFlex
    • Max WovoLiner
    • Max FLEX4D

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Resins: Our high-performing resins are economical and ecologically-friendly:

  • MaxPox Resin
  • MaxPox 20 Hardener (20 minute working time)
  • MaxPox 30 Hardener (30 minute working time)
  • MaxPox 60 Hardener (60 minute working time)

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Calibration Hoses: Our quality hoses provide optimum flexibility and excellent resistance against tearing.

  • Stitched – Clear
  • Stitched – Orange
  • SuperLite – Green
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