CIPP Lateral Rehabilitation – A Game Changer


Since its inception, the price of CIPP rehabilitation has come down while the level of technology has risen. Shrinking budgets and the declining condition of underground infrastructure have forced municipal utilities to improve their infrastructure as cost-effectively as possible. In addition, home and business owners are always looking to fix their problems with as little disruption as possible, so trenchless technologies are providing a growing market for contractors.

One of Maxliner USA’s customers, Eric Nelson, Speedy Sewer, New Jersey talked to us about his experience with CIPP lateral rehab solutions since he first learned about CIPP at a WWETT show. 

“My business partner and I do our best to keep up with new technologies in the industry year after year. Five years ago, we learned about CIPP at the WWETT show. We were both very skeptical, it actually seemed weird and even a bit scary. However, once we sat down with the guys at Maxliner, they put us at complete ease, explaining that they would teach us every step of the way, supporting us whenever we needed help. After viewing videos on how it was done, it wasn’t as daunting, not as technical as we first perceived it to be!  

Our plumbing business was steady. We had no idea when we first learned about CIPP that we could expand our business so dramatically, with something we didn’t even know existed! A GAME CHANGER for us! We don’t have to dig anymore nor ruin a person’s driveway, pavers or hardscapes, it really helps sell the job. And, we recouped our total investment in the Max LinerGun and accessories within a year. 

We’ve learned that prior to CIPP, as plumbers, we cleaned drains and excavated, and did preventative maintenance cleaning, but we were only providing our customers with temporary patches. 

One piece of advice I would offer contractors just getting started in the industry is that people don’t understand the concept, but, just like us, once you educate them, it is kind of a no brainer to customers after that!

Also, I often discount or provide for free the cost to snake and camera the line to show them the need. That way they can see what is wrong with the line and when you explain the CIPP solution, again, it’s a no brainer, the customer understands you are providing a permanent solution without disturbing the driveway or any hardscaping. I do give them multiple options, not just CIPP as an ultimatum. If something is wrong with a pipe, a customer with multiple problems. But, cleaning / putting chemicals in a pipe with a root issue for example, is just a band aid vs. replacing the pipe. 

Customers are shocked at how the process is done! Most customers ask me to let them know when we start shooting the liner, because they want to watch! They are truly amazed by the MaxLiner CIPP rehab system!”